OBO for Dispatching

Scalable dispatching services.

WE DO NOT charge percentages. Your hard-earning money should be 100% yours.

OBO at your side. No dispatch. Then no cost to you. You pay only when services are rendered.

No Contract. Outright Fees. Risk-Free. As Cheap As.

$39 Per truck/Per dispatch on a $1000 load pay or less

$79 Per truck/Per dispatch on any other load values

$849 A month for unlimited one-truck dispatching

Allow us to serve you the way a trucker deserves

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Disclaimer  Current fees are promotional and OBO may raise them upon notice.  Terms

What's in it for you?

++ Peace of mind so you can focus on being on the road
++ Stability and high earnings
++ We negotiate your load pay for top dollars
++ We handle your load documents
++ Compensating you for downtime
++ Communication and support during the entire loading process
++ Desired route planning
++ TONU (Truck Ordered Not Used) Assistance

Let's Talk Transportation

++ Load boards cost over $100 a month
++ Employee as a dispatcher cost over $900 a week
++ Do It Yourself or maybe you're busy driving
++ No scanner or don't have a signal in your truck
++ Didn't have time to look for a load
++ Waiting another day in the truck for a load

Starting is so simple!

++ Signed (Dispatcher Carrier Agreement) and Power of Attorney
This is NOT a contract. Our services are month-to-month. If you are dealing with a reputable company, an agreement should always be set in place that spells out exactly who is responsible for what. The (Limited Power of Attorney) is needed so that we can sign (Setup Paperwork) with Shippers/Brokers that you may not already be setup with & so we can sign rate confirmations on your behalf.
++ $1MM in Auto-Liability & $100K in Cargo Coverage minimum requirement
++ Copy of Carrier's Operating Authority (MC Permit)
++ Carrier References - New carriers are welcome too
++ Copy of CDL (for each driver being dispatched)
++ Signed W-9

As Always Free Consultations

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